waterlogged rudder

send away for new design

wow, power steering


do your portholes leak?

not expensive to repair

pass me a gasket


bumped my head again

I must have two-foot-it-is

Tanzer Fifty-Six?


plaid cockpit cushions

factory originals

ruin night vision


eight foot ocean swells

handrails well under water

Tanzer makes tough boats


antifouling time

bronze, black, red, blue, green, grey, white

take second mortgage?


fanatical group

class association

other boaters are jealous


osmosis, no chance

don't make them like they used to

Tanzers don't bubble


freshening breeze leaves

the CS30 behind

and my main is reefed


Tanzer Industries

near profitability

foiled by Royal Bank


Canada Geese strike

with surgical precision

mmmmmm, tastes like chicken