The Tanzer 22 Photo Gallery

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New Images - Winter Storage

Tucked in for the winter Is that tarp holding? Call in the tarp expert! That keel is real gold! Cool shot, under the big top/tarp

One last shot, neatly tucked in


New Images - Bronte Marina

Bronte Outer Harbour Marina Christmas 1999


New Images - Haulout

BronteYard1.jpg (58793 bytes) Bronteyard2.jpg (52392 bytes) Bronteyard3.jpg (50538 bytes) Bronteyard4.jpg (56612 bytes)

Ready for Winter

Looking lonely in the yard

Where's the tarp?

Do I have to  come down?


Action Shots - Under Sail

Relaxing under sail perfect summer day Rare fall sail Where's the wind? Looking relaxed
A nice beam reach More wind please To trim or not to trim Check those telltales Way too relaxed


Less Action - Safely Docked

Is it time to cast off?

Ready to go...

Is it clean enough yet?

Nice late fall day in Port Credit Sure looks beamy from here Should I jump in?
Haul1.jpg (59950 bytes) Haul2.jpg (55922 bytes) Haul3.jpg (62437 bytes)
Launch Time Launch Time II Tanzers really fly!