These downloads are files I have found useful.  I do not own them, and make no claim to their accuracy or usefulness. They are re-posted, as a courtesy, in the original form in which I downloaded them.   I can assure you they were virus-free at the time of posting.  



Pretty scare so far.  Stay tuned for more....


Nautical Cursors (10K Zip File)

Navigation Formulae (26K Zip File)

Great Circle Calculator (73K Zip File)

Peter Montgomery's historic "Black To The Future" call as Team New Zealand crosses the finish line to retain the America's Cup (March 02, 2000)

Real Media G2 Format (52Kb)  or  MP3 Format (467 Kb)


Nautical Wallpapers

Note : All wallpapers are 800 X 600 and stored in JPEG format.  To use as a Windows wallpaper you must convert them to bitmaps (BMP) using a graphics or paint program, and save in your Windows directory.   Click on any of the links to preview the image in your browser.  Right click on any of the links below and choose "File Save As" to download.  Each file is approximately 80Kb in size.

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